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Semi-Hydraulic, Two-Diaphragm Pump, 19.6 GPM, 290 PSI

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Product Information:

Max GPM: 19.6
Max PSI: 290
RPM: 550
HP Power: 3.4
Suction: 30mm
Outlet: 1"

Annovi Reverberi AR70BP-SP liquid fertilizer and pesticide low pressure diaphragm pump. Two semi-hydraulic diaphragms. Single shaft with 3 or 6 holes, cylindrical and key shaft. Two semi-hydraulic diaphragms. Single male cardan shaft. For use in the gardening or professional agricultural sectors, base-mounted in combination with PTO’s, electric motors or internal combustion engines for gardening, and small sprayers for medium-pressure pesticide treatments in gardens, greenhouses, orchards or vineyards

  • Alternating volumetric pumps with two semi-hydraulic diaphragms for use in agriculture in low pressure systems for spraying open field crops with fertilizers, pesticides or weed killers
  • Parts in contact with pumped liquids in plastic-coated aluminum and stainless steel
  • Diaphragms in NBR, H.P.D.S., Desmopan or Viton. Seals in NBR or Viton
  • Die-cast casing with oil-immersed mechanism and clear plastic tank for visual level checking
  • Remote level monitoring sensor on request
  • Remote oil tank installation kit available on request
  • Oil drainage stopper
  • Pistons with ring for a more efficient “oil cushion” system to protect the diaphragm
  • New-design diaphragm cut-out system to prevent contact tearing even in heavy-duty operating conditions
  • Spherical sector profile valves for lower flow resistance and improved volumetric efficiency
  • Rugged feet secured to pump casing
  • GEOMET coated or stainless steel metal fasteners
  • Stopper for drainage of liquid from the circuit before storage over winter
  • Complete with relief valve with manual reset and drive shaft guard